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Terminal Lance #63 “Life After EAS: First Week of School”


Today I decided that instead of making fun of the Marine Corps I would make fun of myself. I doubt I’m the only one that’s ever had this problem, but I find that now that I’m out of the Marines and in school and all, I find myself really wanting to tell people about what I did–whether they asked to hear about it or not. Though this is obviously an exaggeration, I think rightly so, it’s very difficult to keep something like that to yourself.

A tour through the Marine Corps is such a unique, odd, and life-changing experience that it’s hard to ignore it once you’re out. It’s like some kind of duty afterward, some need to make sure that people know you’ve seen the world, to explode into a Marine Corps “OMG I WAS IN TEH MARINE CORPS I DID THIS” every time the opportunity arises.

I believe this will become a new recurring series of mine for Terminal Lance “Life After EAS”; for those of us that made the trek through checking out and lived.

Though it should be obvious from today’s strip, I finished my first week of school yesterday and found that it is a very different animal. Suddenly, 18 years old seems innocent and simple. I feel like an old man, weathered and grizzled from too many seasons. The Freshmen inhabiting my classes feel like children, lost and carefree in their continued experience of institutional schooling. It is definitely different, but interesting nonetheless. I must apologize also for my late update, it turns out 15 credits is a lot of school and I am slightly overrun by the workload I’m undertaking. Regardless, more credits means more money paid to the school for the GI Bill (in a private school), so it’s ultimately more cost effective to pursue such an endeavor.

In other site news, the Terminal Lance #30 strips sold out last week, and there are still 5 prints left of Terminal Lance #10 “Lance Corporal Hand Signal” for you to buy and put up in your room for field day inspections. Purchase them here.

On that note, I will see you all on Tuesday. Remember, if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it probably is shit. Don’t be the one to step in it. (Courtesy of my old Co. 1st Sgt, 1st Sgt Darden)

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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