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Terminal Lance #61 “Why He’s Always Late II”


I mentioned before I don’t typically like to use pop-culture references in my jokes. For the most part, I feel this way because in order for it to be funny, target audience has to be familiar with what you’re talking about. For those of you unfamiliar with “Double Rainbow Guy”, please, take a look at this video (Note: Must be appreciated with audio):

I’ve been getting quite  a bit of enjoyment out of this video lately, so I figured I’d share it with you all. As well, I really wanted to do a follow up sequel to Terminal Lance #22, which is a fan favorite. I think picking on officers from the lower enlisted standpoint is pretty easy, and hence good humor universally throughout a platoon or company. After all, if you can’t all make fun of your higher ups in command of you, what are you going to make fun of? And officers, don’t take it personally. It is as they say: if you’re not being made fun of by your platoon, you’re doing it wrong.

With that said, I don’t want officers to get the wrong idea here. I never really hated them, but like I mentioned, they are easy targets. Still though, in all reality, the Captain (or “Skipper” for you salt dogs) is always the last one to the formation. Usually about 30 minutes later than he originally called for. Some people blame this on “Gunny Time”, but personally I think they just have problems being punctual. God forbid though, the day you’re late to see him–your ass will be non-rec’d and Page 11’d faster than a female in the grunt barracks realizes she probably made a bad decision.

In other site news, there’s still 4 more prints left of Terminal Lance #30 located here on eBay. Check it out! As always, the prints are hand autographed and numbered by myself, the creator of Terminal Lance.

I start my classes at CCA next week, which I’m pretty excited about. The orientation got me all school moto, but I’m sure that will die once I’m laden with 30lbs of assignments due before morning. Word to the wise though regarding the GI Bill for those of you getting out soon and “going to school”:

Don’t rely on the GI Bill to save your ass, it’s slow and tedious getting everything working in harmony. Have savings set aside for moving in and first month’s rent, and enough to get you through the month. Remember, the GI Bill pays you for the month once the month is OVER–which is great, seeing as rent is usually due on the first. -_-

Well until next time, gents. Keep your dicks clean and your socks changed… or something.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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