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Terminal Lance “Staff Sergeant Don’t Know”


You may have noticed today’s strip doesn’t contain an official number designation. The reason for this is that today’s strip isn’t really a strip, simply a doodle I put up that may or may not be funny. Why, you ask? Well I’m actually doing some travelling this week, I’ll be heading down to the California Bay Area today to look for an apartment this week. I plan to move next month, as school starts early September.

Friday’s strip will also most likely be a similar doodle.

This strip isn’t necessarily hating on Staff Sergeants. In my time I’ve actually met more than a few Staff NCO’s I genuinely like and respect, I just always thought it was funny how often times Staff Sergeants find themselves at the bottom of the staff food chain. Inevitably, they end up knowing not much more than the average Lance Corporal, and sometimes even less, about a particular event either going to occur or actually occurring at the moment.

Also, I always got tired of hearing them say “Lance Corporal don’t know huh?” When really they don’t seem to know half the time anyway.

Well I don’t have too much to say, I hope the doodle makes some people chuckle. “Staff Sergeant Don’t Know” may become a recurring character in the Terminal Lance canon, so stay tuned for his future exploits.

Wish me luck. Yesterday was wrought with the horrors of Washington drivers and their nonsensical freeways and barely paved roads around Seattle.

PS: Washington, there are multiple lanes on the freeway. Typically, the left lane is used for either passing or “driving faster.” I learned that this isn’t an established rule in Washington, in fact, they like to form solid walls of cars going the same speed, as if some kind of secret Washingtonian code prevents them from passing one another or changing lanes. As well, when someone drives onto the freeway from the onramp, typical courtesy is to slow down to let them in–since obvious logic would persist that they too will be driving on the said freeway. Please stop speeding ahead when someone is coming from the onramp–let them come in, you will get your chance to pass them if you need to.

The end.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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