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Terminal Lance #52 “Fucked Again…”


Marines bitching is a favorite pass time of everyone, including myself. However, one thing that truly annoys me is when Marines bitch about things they bring upon themselves. You all know these guys, the fat, suckling shit-birds that do something unexplainably stupid and try to complain to you about it–as if you’re going to agree with them in their idiocy. They roam the halls and catwalks of the barracks, waiting to give their undereducated advice about the Corps and all things involved with it, not once contemplating that maybe they’re just wasting everyone’s time and patience. A lot of the time these guys haven’t even been on deployment, yet still believe they rate as a voice of wisdom.

Please, if you are one of the fat, tit-smothering shit-bags who hasn’t been overseas and wants to complain about the Marine Corps to people who obviously don’t give a shit about your opinion–consider going to your local McDonald’s, order as many McDouble’s as you can afford and eat yourself into a permanent coma or until your heart explodes.

Additionally, I’d like to mention that Apple isn’t paying me to promote their products or anything–the iPhone just happens to be the phone that I use, and therefore has found it’s way into the strip. I think the whole subject of the iPhone is ridiculous; it has become so politically charged by nerds and tech-junkies that they’ve forgot one important aspect of the argument involving the Droid OS, Apple, HTC’s whatever, etc: it’s a fucking phone. No one cares.

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