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Terminal Lance #36 “The Closet Motivator”


They exist all around us, Marines who talk big but when they’re home they dawn their issued gear and Marine Corps paraphernalia to strut the streets of their hometown; shouting nonsensical Marine-speak and telling everyone war stories that may or may not have happened. I think all of us are or were at some point slightly closet moto, it’s the extent of which you display your Marine Corps pride that determines whether or not you are in fact a closet motard.

If you know a friend or colleague that is one of these poor individuals, I believe MCCS runs programs designed to exorcise one of these sorts of demons. Contact your unit Chaplain and tell him you’re a blithering motard, or at the very least a corpsman. Let us be rid of the closet motivator once and for all.

Anyway, enough sweet talk. Miss me? Don’t lie, I can see it in your sad little eyes every Tuesday and Friday for the last couple of weeks, checking for a new strip anxiously but being sorely disappointed like this child:

In any case, hopefully you at least saw the guest strip by Michael Fay that I added on Friday. If not, click the “Previous” button and take a gander. I’d like to thank Mr. Fay for helping me out, it’s been a rough road moving around back to Oregon. I appreciate all of your patience in the matter as well. For those of you that don’t know, Michael Fay is a pretty famous combat artist in the Marine Corps, he’s been featured on countless news articles and stories. Google him for a bit, you won’t be disappointed.

On that note, I will say that I will do my best efforts to keep up with the strip on a regular basis again. Please though, bear with me as I make this transition back into the realm of Civilia.

It’s been strange, I got my first non-military haircut the other day. I have hair on the back and sides now, much to my wife’s dismay–as well as a scruffy shave. It’s great not having to watch over my shoulder for some butt-hurt SNCO looking for a reason to vent his anger at me. Still though, I can’t shake this feeling like I’m on leave. Strange, but I suppose I’ll get over it soon enough.

Well, I will leave you all with that Marines. If any of you are in Portland, I’ll be around hitting up Buffalo Wild Wings tomorrow night (downtown). Until next time, motivators.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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