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Terminal Lance #35 “How Things Have Changed”


If this strip looks a little different, your eyes have not deceived you as you suspect. This strip was created by Combat Artist Michael Fay, some of you may know of whom I speak. I’m still getting set up here in Portland, and my tablet just took a shit. Luckily, Mike has been a resounding source of help for me since I was in Iraq the second time, and help again he did with this strip.


Check out Mike’s blog over at for a good Marine Corps commentary now and again.

As he explained it to me, back in the day you could get away with murder and the punishments were much lighter. These days, being late to formation or not getting a haircut could land you in front of the CO and 1stSgt getting whatever downhill trickle of back-home drama they decide to throw at you that day.

I’ve been back in Oregon for a week now, haven’t had a haircut but decided to shave. My wife didn’t want to put up with the beard thing, plus it didn’t grow in very thick anyway. The reality of it all is taking its time on hitting me, I honestly feel like I’m on leave–like I’ll be boarding a plane back to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. But alas, I am here for good. Well, at least until I head down to San Francisco for school in the fall.

In site news, this is obviously the first real update I’ve done since the move. Do not fret, my children, I hope to be back in the regular swing of things by next week.

I would like to share one of the Facebook fan photos that made me laugh:

Submitted by Cody Rayburn

There was no caption information provided with this image, but it was submitted by Cody Rayburn via Facebook. I think my favorite part is the abode to the “Jambo!” on the right. Good job and keep keeping it real, Marines.

On a side note, I’d like to wish the Marines of 3rd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment good luck on their deployment to Afghanistan. While I was in transit, they were as well–heading over to the ‘Stan. The reason I mention them is because they are the unit from which I hail. I never mentioned that outright in the strip before, but I’m out now and it’s all history anyway. To the Marines: good luck and God Speed. Do nothing but good things and come home safe.

With that I will bid you all adieu, check back sometime next week for new comics.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Terminal Lance #XOXO

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