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Terminal Lance #33 “They’ve Never Been Cool”


Rarely, in any circumstance, are mustaches an acceptable decision for facial hair. For the Marine, it’s the only decision that is within regs. Does that make it okay? No, not at all. In fact, the only time it is acceptable (and actually encouraged) for a Marine to have a mustache is in the field. Specifically, CAX or some other large training event. The CAX-stache (Mojave Viper for you toosies out there) is a staple of the event. The Hawaii Marine recently published a story on CAX staches, so I won’t tread too deeply into the subject.

There are Marines that genuinely like the idea of having a mustache, but I must implore you, it doesn’t look cool. In fact, mustaches have never been cool. Few people have been able to pull them off, if you’re not one of the following people, you should consider putting that razor to good use:

Ron Jeremy

Jeff Foxworthy

Solid Snake

Bottom line: mustaches are only acceptable in the field; once out of the field, the Marine should shave it.

Anyway, enough about those horrible things. In site news, you may have noticed the Donation button to the left. I announced it in the News portion of the site previously, but I know some of you never look at that. I will say it again then: if you want to drop a couple of dollars in the donation you’re more than welcome. Do not feel obligated however, Terminal Lance will continue regardless of whether or not you donate. I will not threaten you all with cancelling my site if you don’t give me money. I create a comic strip for you all to enjoy on my own time, if you want to support the site but don’t want to spend $30 on a skivvy, you’re welcome to drop a couple bucks (or more) into the hat. If you don’t, that’s cool too, the site will continue and it won’t make a difference.

When I posed the question many strips back about whether or not I should put one up, the feedback I got was resoundingly positive. Plus, I’m officially out of a real job now. 😛

Enough about money, lets talk about today’s Facebook fan photo:



This one posted by Brandon Ketchum has made me laugh every time I see it. It says so much with so little. “Marine Corps Veteran: FML”

Whoever this is, know that guys like me appreciate your humor.


Bus Seat Masterpiece

This photo posted by Matthew Grilliot was put up in response to Strip #31. This looks an awful lot like a bus in al Asad, though the location wasn’t mentioned in the caption.

I have a mission for you all! Perhaps this would’ve been better done a couple comics back, but whatever. I want you all to go out, to the shitters and bathrooms that permeate the Marine Corps field environments and so forth, and collect photos of the best shitter artwork you can find. I want to see grand dicks of lore illustrated in glorious map pen. Post the photos on the Facebook Fan Page and they will be featured here. *Note*

I’m not instructing or encouraging you to vandalize anything, just collect photos of what’s already there!

With that said, happy hunting Marines. Til next time.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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