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Terminal Lance #32 “The Quest to Check Out”


This is probably obviously inspired by recent events. As I mentioned previously, I went on Terminal on Wednesday. Officially now, Terminal Lance is based on a true story. I can honestly say though, that I hated every moment of the check out process. Running around with sheet in hand, unclear of the proper steps because TAP class’s brief 2 minute coverage of it just wasn’t pulling itself up in my memory. The list of places you need to check out is long and terribly absurd. I have trouble buying the idea that it’s a completely necessary process. I stayed my hand from doing a strip about CIF, as that was one of the trouble spots I had while in the said process.

PMO was a noteworthy adversary in my battle to check out on Wednesday. I am staying on the island for 2 weeks, presumably to give myself time to sell my vehicles and deal with the whole housing situation. Apparently, you’re not supposed to go on Terminal until you’ve already sold your vehicles, despite the fact that I showed PMO my itinerary given to me by IPAC. The result was me having to jump through a series of hoops–steaming with the fresh stench of bullshit–to get the civilian woman at PMO to sign my sheet. It left a rather sour taste in my mouth, but ultimately the day ended with me getting a new ID card, and a letter from the Commandant congratulating me on my honorable service.

Terminal Lance is officially Terminal.

Well, almost, 45 minutes later I got a call from IPAC telling me I was missing a couple of things from my package. I drove back over there and handed the items over–which ultimately finished the process.

It’s a strange feeling, knowing that the day I’ve been waiting for for the last 4 years is here. Stranger yet, not shaving at all for the last 3 days and walking around as usual in all my unkept glory.

In site news, as of press time I have sold and shipped 8 of the Limited Edition prints. There are only 2 left! I suggest buying those bad boys up before it’s too late. Terminal Lance is hardly going to be the last of my artistic endeavors, I assure you. Owning the first print I’ve ever released might not be a bad idea. To those that have already purchased them: thank you for the support.

You may see more of these sorts of print drives and whatnot coming up. It’s time to face it: I’m out of a paycheck here pretty soon. Gotta make that green!

It’s terribly late, so I will go to bed now. I spent tonight (Earth Day, mind you) watching Avatar at my good friend Kyle’s place. I admire the movie for all of its technical achievements, I think it did what it was supposed to do exceedingly well. I also recommend you all go buy it on BluRay and don’t even bother with the DVD. If you don’t have BluRay players… go buy a PS3.

Echo-Three Uniform, over and out.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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