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Terminal Lance #11 “Where the Big Bucks Are”


This strip may hit a bit too close to home for some. In all reality though, marriage in the Marine Corps is more of a problem than a blessing. Too often, especially in the infantry, Marines get married as an answer to financial problems. The problem lies within the foundation of the system itself. Where, in the “real world” as I like to call it, would you get paid to be married? Probably nowhere, but the military actually encourages it with the way it is handled.

While there are plenty of briefs and holes to jump through when it comes time to tie the knot, none of it truly works as a deterrent against a marriage. The result is an 80% divorce rate brought on by Marines that just don’t understand the consequences of what they’re getting themselves into. While I have no useful suggestions to fix the system, I can say that it definitely needs to be fixed. Encouraging Marines to get married at such a young age just isn’t right, and divorces and alimony end up ruining lives long before it really needs to. With that said, I’m obviously not going to completely condemn those who decide to wed, I simply think it’s worth noting how messed up it has become.

It truly is a rampant problem in the Marines, and probably the military as a whole. Single Marines need to stop being treated worse, stop getting fucked with 24/7, maybe have the option of receiving BAH, maybe be treated like human beings… ya know… little things like that will go a long way in fighting young marriage rates; as well as divorce rates.

The strip has been getting a bit of attention lately. A couple of unnamed papers are planning some stories on my behalf here in the next couple of weeks. I hope people are still enjoying reading the strips, hopefully I can keep it up after I EAS in a few months.

Speaking of EAS, I’d like to give due abode to the “EAS Song” video. I think the culture of the “Terminal Lance” kind of began with the spread of this legendary Marine’s video on YouTube. If you haven’t seen the EAS Song, you fail. If you have seen it, watch it again right here (it’s actually pretty catchy):

The EAS Song on YouTube

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