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Terminal Lance #8 “The Many Uses of a Glow Belt”


Today’s strip is based on a true story. During my first deployment in ’07, many of the ISF guys didn’t have any uniforms. These were men who wanted to stand up for their neighborhoods and regions, some of them were Iraqi Police and others weren’t. However, the US Military (i.e.: us), would pay them to stand around at check points and defend their locale. There were no uniforms then, however, so we gave them glow belts.

I remember my first few convoys, seeing these shady guys and having no idea whether or not I could trust them. It’s a common saying that you should never trust any Iraqi out there, and I still stand by it–however none of these shady motherfuckers ever did anything in front of me that made me want to shoot them. I am aware of the crookedness of it all though. While we were there, our command was convinced the IP’s were going to turn on us. We were on high alert just in case.

During this time of friction between the IP’s and the Coalition forces, I recall one story quite fondly. I was part of a PSD platoon during my first deployment, I was the lead turret gunner of an MRAP behind the M2 .50 Cal. We would often escort our company commander to the local Iraqi Police chief’s headquarters and would sit outside during the long meetings that would take place. During one of our trips, as I remember it: I was sitting in the turret posted on security around the building as usual. Suddenly, I heard a three round burst coming from the inside. Naturally, with the lack of trust occurring between us and them, I assumed it was time–the Iraqi Police had turned on us. I sprung from my strap and immediately rotated my gun to the house, ready to rock and roll on the Deuce.

To my surprise, no one in the compound was firing or in high alert. I saw an Iraqi behind a PKC and took aim at him, he put his hands up and the Iraqi Police and Marines started waving me down before I started firing. It was passed over the ‘net that apparently one of the IP’s was fucking around a bit too much on the PKC and had a miss-fire. I wanted to punch him, but I think I got my vengeance on his pants–as the look on his face when he saw the barrel of my .50 aiming at him could only be described as shitting himself.

Anyway, I’m happy to see that I have almost 12,000 hits thus far. I would like more though. If you have a buddy–and I know you do–tell them about my site! Post on the forums for fuck’s sake, lets make this site an even awesomer place than it already is. I can’t do it alone.

After all, the Lance Corporal Underground is the fastest-moving rumor-mill in the country. Lets not disappoint now.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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