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Terminal Lance #6 “Jambo” (If you went to Iraq, you’ll get it)


The Ugandan guards that protect the chow halls and posts around Iraq’s major bases always brought joy to me. I remember my days in the turret fondly, riding passed the guard posts and yelling “Jambo!” from my hole atop the MRAP in Camp Fallujah, to be reciprocated with an even more enthusiastic reply of “JAAAAMBOOOO SIR!” from them.

For some reason the word “Jambo” gets them going pretty good, they were good guys. I haven’t made the journey to Afghanistan, I’m not sure if these guys are there. If they are, and you happen to be there now, make sure you give them a good Jambo next time you see them. If you happen to be in Iraq, definitely give them a hefty Jambo.

This week in general has been pretty hectic, I got transferred to my base Combat Camera shop and I actually have a full time job now. I apologize for my lack of updates, as I get into the swing of things I’ll be back in gear. Regardless, I am intent on getting two comics up a week. Some just may come later in the day than others. I tried to update from the shop earlier but as I mentioned in the News post, the computers their didn’t have the font I needed to create it and I refuse to resort to a new font.

Actually getting over to the ComCam shop was a hassle in itself. Some years in the making, after my first deployment I tried to get over there and my battalion commander refused to let an Assaultman squad leader leave his ranks, understandably. But, another deployment later I managed to get there with some 4 months left in the Marine Corps. Oh well, at least I’m not sitting around in the infantry anymore.

Look forward to more updates, and for fuck’s sake, check out the forums!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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