Terminal Lance #4 “Modern Warfare”

January 15, 2010

The grasp of XBOX Live and the PlayStation Network over the Marine Corps is so powerful, one really could consider the distraction it creates to be terrorism. I am not an exception to this rule, I too enjoy myself some Modern Warfare 2 via XBOX Live. I was there on the midnight release at the Kailua GameStop to pick it up. Keep in mind, though this was an off-base affair, I was not surrounded by the locals of Oahu, but by Marines. At least 80% of the people that showed up–some 300 plus–were Marines.

Despite our manly demeanor, Marines are no strangers to the world of gaming. The typical casual assortment permeates the barracks on long standby days and nights; games like Modern Warfare 2, the latest Madden or some other EA Sports game are all common contestants in the fight for the 360’s disc drive.

I suppose the appeal of Modern Warfare is pretty easy to understand. I enjoyed the first game for the fact that it truly tried to represent Marines in warfare the way we see it. It was unfortunate to find out when I played the sequel that Infinity Ward had decided to portray the Army in their latest venture. However, the gameplay remained ultimately unchanged and the multiplayer had expanded to a level of addiction that can probably only be matched by cocaine or some other illicit drug. No Marine is safe from Modern Warfare 2, from junior enlisted to officers, everyone enjoys getting behind the controller and talking shit to the anonymous 14 year old kid on the other side of the country.

Aside from that, I suppose a wide appeal for Marines of all MOS’ is the ability to get into action without actually getting into action. Getting shot at on the TV is a lot more fun than getting shot at in real life. The addiction of MW2 for Marines is Corps-wide, I assure you. It’s not just the grunts that go at it everyday on the virtual battlefield. Pretty soon, when there’s not anything left to say about Iraq or Afghanistan, the only war stories Marines will have will be from Call of Duty.

In my efforts to create a community, I was recently made aware of a site for Marine gamers at

If you’re a Marine looking to join a pretty big clan, check it out. They play all kinds of stuff and have been around for some time from what I understand.

With that said, any other Terminal Lance readers that think they have what it takes to kick my ass at MW2, feel free to stop by the forums and post your XBOX Live gamertag in the Modern Warfare 2 thread and we’ll hook it up. I play all kinds of games so if you want a shot at me just check the forums for what I’m playing at the moment. Odds are, you’re going to lose. Fag.

On that note; feel free to come by the forums and register a name and hang out. The forums are open to anyone, Lance Corporal to civilian to Commandant of the Marine Corps–I don’t care. Just don’t be an asshole, that’s all I ask. Please check it out though, talking to myself is getting lonely in there.