I know there’s some Marines in various places and billets that probably wear this thing a lot. For the average grunt, however, it’s just that ugly sweater that sits next to your all-weather jacket, left in the¬†crevices and forgotten corners of your body bag, as new and crisp as the day it was issued to you in boot camp.

It’s entirely possible I just never wore the damned thing because I was stationed in beautiful Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. There’s no need for wool sweaters in such a climate that stays 85 year-round with high humidity. I still have it though, I’m honestly not even sure if I have ever actually tried it on. The same could be said for my all-weather jacket, which still has the tags it was issued to me with firmly attached.

Regardless, it’s kind of a cool-looking sweater. It has a very kind of weirdly science-fiction quality to it, wearing it (I’m sure) embues one with a sense of piloting a star cruiser in the depths of the Milky Way.

Okay, I don’t really have a whole lot to say about the wooly pully, other than I’ve still never worn it.

In other news, I hinted at some new items on the Facebook page. Stay tuned this week (hopefully later today or tomorrow) on how you can get ahold of the item I posted. I have a very limited quantity for the time being, but if demand is high enough I’ll be able to do more.