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The dog has been tamed. For those of you that missed the momentous occasion, former Secretary of Defense and Marine Corps legend James Mattis got married in Vegas over the weekend in true Marine Corps fashion. Well, except his new wife is a respected physicist and not a stripper or a girl he’s been stringing along since high school, but close enough.

General Mattis has been a loved mainstay of the OIF generation of veterans for quite some time now, but ran into some political crossfire as the Secretary of Defense under Trump. It’s annoying, because I can’t post anything about the good General without some mouth-breathing MAGA’s crying in the comments about how he was mean to Trump or whatever. I feel like his Vegas wedding is a fitting, happy ending to a storied career and Marine Corps legend, and I’m happy to see the man enjoying himself and living his life.

We all should be.

Congratulations, Mr. Mattis. Hit me up if you’re ever on the west coast.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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