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In boot camp, they make a very big deal about integrity, honor, courage and commitment. Before you get there though, your recruiter may tell you to omit some key details of your medical history so that you don’t get rejected or forced through a series of hoops to get sworn in. The same can be said for the “moment of truth,” once you arrive at MCRD, where they ask you if you’ve ever done any illicit drugs or smoked the Mary Jane.

You tell them no, sir, I have never been to a hospital in my life or am even aware that marijuana exists. What is a marijuana, anyway?

A little white lie, as they call it.

I was a bit too honest when I went to MEPS. He had asked the same question to me and I told him that I had some minor heart problems as a teenager. This ended up getting me sent back with a cardiologist consult before I was eligible to join.

The only person I’ve ever seen as disappointed in me as my recruiter when I returned empty handed is my father.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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