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The Holiday Liberty Brief


These are the four bosses of the Holiday 96 liberty brief. You must defeat them in order to enjoy your weekend.

This weekend is Independence Day, the day that America celebrates its EAS date from Great Britain in 1776. Since the holiday falls on a Sunday, you’re likely to get an extra day or two off for a coveted “96” holiday weekend. It is customary, then, that your chain of command waste your time on Friday afternoon to tell you all of the amazing things they want to tell you prior to you getting to enjoy yourself.

There are other bosses that were not depicted here due to brevity requirements, but rest assured, you’ll also be given a briefing by your Company First Sergeant, Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, and ultimately your Squad Leader, who will most likely just tell you to fuck off peacefully into the night.

That’s all I got for you, gents. Enjoy the holiday.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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