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The Gut Truck


Also known as the Roach Coach, the Gut Slut, the Dragon Wagon (in Japan) and the Chalupacabra. The Gut Truck is a sight for sore eyes across the Corps for tired and thirsty Marines of all creeds. It gracefully arrives on the ranges, seemingly at random, to offer ice cold refreshments and warm food at ridiculous prices.

They may be expensive, but an icy cold White Monster in between ranges is worth whatever these dank and dirty Marines are willing to pay for it. In that sense, $9 for an energy drink might be considered a bargain.

These trucks come in different shapes and sizes. I believe most of them are run by MCCS or the base, but occasionally there are privately owned ones that come around as well to sell their wares to weary Marines.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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