Terminal Lance “Decision 2020”

October 29, 2020

It’s the season (hopefully) for reason as we decide who is going to lead us into 2021 and beyond. Candidates Abe and Garcia are up for a fierce non-democratic election to Corporal, and its only getting uglier and uglier as we approach November 10th.

On one hand, one candidate is level headed and experienced. The other candidate is a complete moron, but he can run really fast and shoot straight, making him a superior Marine to some. It’s a tough decision and could having lasting consequences for years to come.

The Terminal Lance audience was split on this, with the older leaning individuals of Twitter voting decisively for Garcia, whom many believe to be more seasoned and mature.

However, the younger skew of Instagram was more tightly geared toward Abe. After all, wouldn’t you prefer someone who can skate out of anything? He’s a Lance Corporal’s Marine you can trust–as long as its not to do any work.