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Boots… Boots never change. Someone said to me that this comic could take place in 2020 or 1970 and it would change nothing. You may be asking yourself, what is it about boots that makes them so ubiquitously geeky? So ridiculously, over-the-top lame? Is it the fashion? The backpacks? The complete doe-eyed innocence in their nerdy swagger?

It’s a bit of all of the above. Boots can’t help themselves from being exceptionally awful because they don’t know any better. The Marine Corps is an honest cross-sampling of America, which is kind of what makes it such a wonderful place of immense diversity, but also a place of unpredictable bootness. Most of these kids joining the Corps have never left home, and never had anyone beyond their mom buy them clothes.

Equipped in their seabags with little more than their finest mom-jeans and their virginity, boots descend upon the small military towns of America ready to light up the town with their blissful ignorance. Tour any military town in America and find barely legal boots in packs and with backpacks ready to take on the world, innocent and free of shame.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.


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