Terminal Lance “Marriage Story”

July 15, 2020

“I’m trying to knock up a stripper to get out of the barracks,” is what one Marine told me during my travels. The quest to get out of the barracks leads many Marines down the path of the dark side of marriage. As an institution, the Corps tacitly encourages young marriages by making life for single Marines so abjectly terrible that anything else seems like a better idea. On the contrary, married Marines are treated better in nearly every way, simply by virtue of not having to live in the barracks.

Get married and suddenly your quality of life skyrockets (by LCPL standards). Suddenly, you’re offered a choice: double your paycheck and collect BAH or be given a rent-free private home to live on base for you and your spouse. Meanwhile, your single friends are back in the barracks getting yelled at for not cleaning under the rim of their own toilet on a Thursday night.

Tough choice.