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Terminal Lance #562 “Going Internal”


The Marine Corps experience will try and test you in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Of course, the recruiting commercials make this entirely about… Like… Boot camp, or something. However, the real challenge is hardly the physicality of being yelled at by sweaty drill instructors, or climbing the Reaper during the crucible. The real challenge is within, dealing with the every day dramas and tribulations of young adulthood and coming of age while being owned and operated by the United States Government.

The four year enlistment will generally span the average age of 18-22 years old. This is when you’re just coming into yourself, figuring out relationships new and old, and learning how to be an adult. This isn’t easy for anyone, but doing it with an alcoholic Staff Sergeant with a 4th grade reading level yelling at you for breaking a rule you didn’t know existed certainly doesn’t help.

While of course it’s fun to point and laugh when it’s not us, every single one of us will end up “going internal” at some point or another. Sometimes life is actually overwhelming. For what it’s worth, at the very least, you’re likely to be surrounded by Marine Lance Corporals just like you… And as we all know from the Terminal Lance Instagram page… Lance Corporals can cheer up just about anyone.

If you see one of your Marines dealing with some shit, don’t let him do it alone.

(Obligatory shout out to Terminal Boots for their classic PFT video of a similar subject)

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