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Terminal Lance #546 “Moonlight”


The Moon Beam is an enchanted item gifted to you during your earliest days of the Corps. It is a massive flashlight fit for cumbersome D-batteries, oddly shaped to clip on to your chest and still point forward. It comes with many colored lenses, the red of which will likely be used the most. As with most of the original items you’re issued on the first day of boot camp, it is likely to be lost very early on in the tussle and bustle of daily Drill Instructor rampages and recruit-on-recruit stealing to replace their own lost items.

Those that still have it may remember the subtle warmth it provided on those cold nights of recruit firewatch. The little moonbeam is a terrible piece of gear, dying within no more than a few hours of use, but it is one of your only pieces of starting gear and you cherish it all the same.

Three years into the fleet and those early days of bootcamp are but a distant memory. The confusion, shock and worry you felt during your first nights of the Corps are quaint at this point. The motivation that once coursed through your veins ready to tackle the worst of the worst has faded into a growing blur of alcohol-induced depression. The lowering inches of your low-reg haircut signal the decline of your internal motivation to keep being a Marine. Like the little Moon Beam, the D-batteries of your soul begin to fade, and as your EAS approaches you wish for nothing more than to be lost in the bottom of a sea bag.

To be a Moon Beam.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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