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Terminal Lance “Florence and the Marines”


I’m a little late with this, but in case you missed it, Camp Lejeune was hit by the devastating Hurricane Florence over the weekend, which cause some significant damage and equally significant barracks partying. Prior to the hurricane making landfall, the world was abuzz in disbelief that the base commander had ordered the Marines to remain in place while the hurricane battered the east coast.

How could they force the Marines to stay there?! EVERYONE WILL DIE!

Well, you’d think so at least, with the way people were freaking out about it. The deluge of hilarious videos and photos I got during and after the weather event made me start to think that the base commander was on to something… Maybe they didn’t let the Marines evacuate, because they simply knew the Marines would have so much fun if they stay.

In all seriousness, the hurricane is no laughing matter. Practically the entire state was flooded and it is in fact a state of emergency. Being on the west coast, hurricanes aren’t something I’m super familiar with, but they seem like they suck. Of course my thoughts and prayers are with the people of the east coast as they recover from the disaster.

In another somber note, I want to mention the loss of a Marine that was in my platoon back in India Company 3/3, Weapons Platoon. Rest in peace Kasey Ozzello, or as I knew him, Ozz. He was an 0341 Mortarman back in the day and we are all sad to see him go. I was never personally super close to him, but I know his loss is affecting everyone that knew him, he was a great guy.

On a less somber note, I want to mention that I will be in San Diego on a panel hosted by the New York Times on October 4th. Please check out the event site here for tickets and the details! I’ll be joined by Pulitzer Prize winning author CJ Chivers, filmmaker Jason Hall, and Marine and author Dave Morris. It should be a good time!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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