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Terminal Lance #505 “Origin Story”


For every light, there must be a shadow. Within that shadow… Is Jodie… Doing unsavory things to your girl.

Since the dawn of the Corps, Jodie has terrorized its members and their significant others. He is everywhere and nowhere. He is the man that your girl works with, who knows you’re not in the country. He’s the name you can’t quite make out who sends the occasional Snapchat as she subtly hides her screen from your view. He’s that guy that likes all of your girl’s photos on Instagram, but not the ones with you in them.

Jodie is everywhere you’re not.

Jodie is a force of nature, existing only to put his peen in places it doesn’t belong. And he will. Because as long as Marines are doing Marine things, Jodie will always be back in the states trying to keep your girl warm.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Terminal Lance #504 “Recruiting Duty”

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