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Terminal Lance Solid #4


It can’t be! The twists and turns of the Metal Gear Solid story are really what set it apart from other games upon its release and today. What starts as a fairly straightforward military mission is soon turned on its head with unpredictable variables like cyborg ninjas, evil twins, and government conspiracies.

It’s kind of like the real military life, except instead of your best friends returning to life as cyborg ninjas, you’re more likely to be shocked and awed by infidelity and STD’s over the course of your contract. The only government plot that exists is the dark shadow of the Green Weenie trying to fuck you hanging over your every thought and action.

Okay, so maybe it’s not like the real military life at all.

(If the last lines of this comic are new to you, I really recommend reading “The White Donkey: Terminal Lance” for some context.)

On a slightly related note, I have no idea what the fuck Death Stranding is about, but I’m gonna buy it day one collector’s edition for sure.

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