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Terminal Lance #496 “The Warrior’s Club”


Welcome, weary traveler!

In need of a pint of fine ale? Or perhaps just a cool seat in the blistering heat? Welcome then to the Camp Wilson Warrior Club!

Enjoy our splendorous offerings of the finest burgers, curly fries, chicken strips, fish sticks and more! Take refuge from the hot desert sands with an ice cold Coca-Cola product in our finest of facilities!

Not hungry? Fear not! Assorted activities of the finest entertainment await you for mere quarters!

Aye, there is nary a thing the Warrior Club cannot provide to the battle-tired denizens of Camp Wilson. Join us for a drink, or simply to gather with your friends and watch network news on our selection of digital televisions!

Refuge awaits you at the Warrior Club, warrior. Come by today! (Subject to command approval)


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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