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Terminal Lance “Usually Some of the Time”


The Marine Corps is the most elite fighting force on the planet. They are well-known and feared across the globe for their unrelenting strength and resolve in combat.

…But they’re kind of shit at doing most things outside of that. Try to accomplish anything administratively and you’re going to be met with the same bloated US government bureaucracy that we all know and hate. Give a Marine a rifle and he will give the enemy a hell unheard of, but give him a computer and a CAC reader and the hell will be your own.

On an unrelated note, this comic was originally published in the Marine Corps Times newspaper. You can find this comic and 299 more exclusive Marine Times comics (Plus over 450 others) in the new Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus being released early next year by Little Brown!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Terminal Lance “The Natural Age Progression of a Weapons Platoon Commander II”

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