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Terminal Lance #485 “Mojave Rain”


In case you hadn’t heard, it rained in Twentynine Palms yesterday.

Marines have a tumultuous relationship with rain in most parts of the Corps. However, in Twentynine Palms, the story is much different. Don’t believe me? Look at how much the Marines of the desert lost their shit yesterday because of some precipitation.

This was an event.

Can you blame them? Life in Twentynine Palms is so sad that a tiny bit of rain is essentially a base-wide snow-day. So while most Marines scoff at the curse of rain in the field, Marines in Twentynine Palms beg for even just a little bit of water to hit the tops of their covers. Anything that breaks the monotony of the desert is a welcome change of pace.

One can only hope that the rain suppressed the smell of Lake Bandini for even just a day.

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