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Terminal Lance #483 “Married Marines II”


Marines often get married younger than most civilians. There’s a number of reasons for this: most of the time the only way for a couple to be together in the military is to be married, since Uncle Sam doesn’t care much at all for girlfriends. Some Marines just get married for the money or to move out of the barracks. Either way, once you leave the barracks… You’ll never be one of the bros again.

The barracks is a special place filled with its own culture of depravity and buck wild shenanigans… most of which are not compatible with a married lifestyle. There’s few things more sad than the married Marines that still try to hang out in the barracks on Friday nights.

Like, dude, go be with your wife.


Leave the barracks to the manically depressed single Marines, it’s bad enough that no one loves them as it is.

I suppose I have marriage on the mind recently since I just tied the knot myself on Friday. Don’t worry, I won’t be hanging around the barracks, but you’re still welcome to come over for game night.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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