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Terminal Lance “Seniority”


This comic was originally featured in the Marine Corps Times newspaper, which has new, original Terminal Lance comics every issue! Check it out.

Rank and rate are big deals in the military, and there’s always a bigger boot fish. Chain of command and a sense of seniority is innately bound to the lifestyle of being a Marine, where rank and rate can actually matter in a combat zone. Back in the rear and amongst your own peers, however, the line can start to blur between who rates and who rakes (the grass. This is a great saying. I just made it up. Deal with it.).

As well, there’s always that one douchebag that will pull any small ounce of seniority they can to avoid doing work, or be the guy pretending to work by “supervising” the work.

We all know that guy.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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