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Terminal Lance #445 “Always Room for One More”


Even more than the most ardent of Mexicans, Marines can always find a way to fit one more.

Whether it’s one more Marine in the back of the 7-ton or one more piece of gear stuffed into their already-bursting main pack for the field, Marines will always find a way to fit one more. Some say this is a supernatural ability possessed by all Marines and even recruits upon arrival on those yellow footprints. As long as any Marine says to themselves out loud “There’s always room for one more,” you will find yourself able to fit just about anything anywhere.


Anyway, this is a simple strip today but I wanted to do something that would kind of lighten the mood a bit given the widespread looming sense of impending doom over the last week. For all of the bullshit in the world, I take comfort in knowing that Marines never change. This, above all else, continues to make Marines my favorite people on the planet.

I get emails and messages from Marines all the time, as old as my parents and as young as my niece. Often a sentiment that is given to me is that no matter when they were in, all throughout the last 50 years of extensive US history, they reckon that after reading my comic they’re glad to see that the Marine Corps hasn’t changed a bit.

With all of the political fervor going on, I am fond of the fact that Marines are choosing to send me a plethora of awesome ball photos and funny videos rather than some horrendous memes about whatever political spectrum they hate.

In other news, I want to give a shout out to the Marine Corps Exchange over at Camp Pendleton for hosting me last week! Everything went really great, we had maybe 200-300 Marines show up for the book signing and it was amazing getting to meet so many fans of Terminal Lance. People were waiting in line for so long they started and finished my book in the timespan it took to get it signed, taking nearly 4 hours for things to die down. It was incredibly humbling and hopefully I can visit more bases soon!

Stay tuned to TL, there’s a lot of great things on the way! And never forget one thing:

There’s always room for one more.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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