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Terminal Lance #441 “Relativity”


A lot of things in the Marine Corps are relative. For instance, “Quality of Life” is extremely relative, as most daily lives of Lance Corporals have very little quality.

“Nothing unusual to report at this time” is a common phrase used to report to the Officer of the Day or the Staff Duty regarding the state of affairs relative to your post. Generally speaking, unless someone has literally died, there’s not much that constitutes an unusual night in the barracks. When everything is fucked up, it’s hard to distinguish between the extraordinary and the benign.

Einstein predicted that as objects approach the speed of light, time would pass relatively slowly to the outside observer. A journey that would take a few years at the speed of light would be observed to have taken many more by those back on the ground. This theory applies to Marines standing duty, as time on duty seems to dilate exponentially. Minutes pass normally to the outside observer while those stuck in the black hole of duty see minutes pass as hours.

On a side note, if you follow Terminal Lance on Instagram you probably saw that we have a brand new website in the works. Look forward to that launching relatively soon.

To that note, I want to add that I am (for real) looking for some new writers in the Active Duty side to be featured in the new site. I’m looking for funny and insightful material from active duty Marines to be featured on Terminal Lance. If you think you’re interested, email me at and send me something funny. I know I’ve said this a few times before, but this is actually happening this time! I’m excited to see Terminal Lance go through some changes in the near future, and I think it’ll be something really different.

Stay tuned.

In other news, how about that debate last night?


OTP I ship them so much


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