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Terminal Lance #431 “The Suck”


There’s a common term in the Marine Corps known as “The Suck.”

Much like the omnipresent Green Weenie, The Suck perpetually exists as a state of being in the Corps. Everything you do is part of The Suck, mostly because everything you do just kind of sucks for some reason.

There’s an inexplicable phenomenon in the military, where even when you’re doing the most awesome thing you can possibly think of, the powers that be find some way to make it a dragging, miserable experience. For instance, shooting guns with your friends all day sounds like a great time, except for the part where you have to go the armory at 5am, stand around in the sun for hours, go through safety briefs, brass call, check for saved rounds, return weapons to the armory, etc. It’s just a shitty day for something that sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

This is a common pattern though, layers of bureaucracy and the tact of your 52 year old father trying to be hip and cool permeate every activity of the Corps establishment.

You can never escape The Suck.

In other news, I’ve got some stuff going on this week that’ll make doing a comic for Friday rather difficult, so I’m holding a contest! You get to draw Friday’s new Terminal Lance!


Click on the image above to download it.

The Rules:

  • Must be original artwork (no memes or copy/pasting others)
  • Must be an original joke
  • Must use template provided
  • Must have your name on it
  • DEADLINE: JULY 28th @ 1700 PST
  • Only open to Active Duty and Active Reserve Servicemembers and Veterans

The Prize:

Email your submission to me at, put the subject as “TERMINAL LANCE COMIC CONTEST.”

I will personally sift through and pick the winner, which will be featured as Friday’s comic! Personally chosen runner up comics will also most likely be posted. By entering the contest you agree to have your work displayed on

Good luck!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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