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Terminal Lance “Rolled Up II”


In case you missed it, the US Army this week is “testing out” rolling their sleeves up at Ft. Hood. This has led to much panic and hysteria amongst the soldiers, as they stumble their way through figuring out how to properly roll. Meanwhile, Marines everywhere are enjoying the show immensely.



Before I get a bunch of angry emails from soldiers with terrible sleeves and senses of humor, keep in mind that we still love you. This comic might seem like a low blow, but… Come on. I once saw an Army squad on a foot patrol and they crossed danger zones by literally having a soldier go into the prone in the center of the danger zone to cover the squad. Even as a fucking boot I was like “what the fuck are they doing…”

But I digress, we love our Army brethren. They’re like that cousin you hate running into, but once you hang out with him for a few minutes you actually have a pretty good time playing Mario Kart and drinking.

I wish the Army the best of luck rolling their sleeves, it can be dangerous.

In other news, I considered doing a comic on Brexit today, but I thought 90% of my audience would have no idea what I was talking about. Regardless, as someone with a British significant other, it was certainly a riveting night refreshing the BBC website. To all the Britons, Godspeed (and I stole one of your women get over it).

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