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Terminal Lance #426 “Inside the Company Office”


How do I reach these keeds?


All over the Marine Corps, Company Commanders and leaders everywhere are trying to figure out how they can reach their Marines and improve the morale of their units. The answer is usually pretty straightforward, but seems to always elude the command.

This is how you end up with Family Fun Day. Instead of respecting your personal space, the command will continue to shove its overlording presence into your 48 hours of liberty for no apparent reason. The only saving grace is finally getting to see what your Company Commander’s wife looks like. (She’ll never be what you expected, she’s always either way out of his league or the exact opposite)



It’s not all bad though, sometimes it’s easy to just blame the parents. The command is put into an extraordinary circumstance of being responsible for the wellbeing and happiness of hundreds of young men (and now women). Unfortunately there’s no easy way to make everyone happy, on either side.

On a side note, thank you to everyone for your massive outpouring of support for The White Donkey. It is now on week #3 of being #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list for hard cover graphic novels. It is making waves, and it’s because of you guys. We have some events and signings coming up next month, so if you haven’t picked up a book yet you can here:

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