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Terminal Lance #423 “Food Service Specialist”


Is it weird that the omelets I had in the Marine Corps were the best omelets I’ve ever had? Seriously, I’ve been out for a while now and I have yet to find anywhere that makes omelets as well as those Marines in the chow hall. If nothing else (which is usually the case), chow hall Marines make the best damn omelets you’ll ever have.

Breakfast food in general at the chow hall is usually quite good. Even as far back as boot camp, breakfast will be–by far–the best meal you’ll get out of the day. Whether it’s fresh pancakes, perfect waffles, thick French toast, or a loaded omelet, you won’t be disappointed…

…Until lunch comes around. Your adoration of the perfect breakfast is quickly washed away by the garbage food that replaces it not only a few hours later. Fit for a prison, you’ll find yourself barely able to stomach that pale Taco Tuesday concoction that was lopped onto your plastic tray in a hurry. Dinner doesn’t fair any better, with spaghetti noodles labeled as “chow mein” and god knows what labeled as “food.”

At least there’s always tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow, don’t forget that I’ll be at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica for our official The White Donkey launch event! Come say hi!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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