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Terminal Lance #411 “Gear List”


That oversized safety pin has been on every gear list I ever had, and I’ve never once actually used it (it’s for laundry, or possibly changing the diapers of giant babies).

Gear lists are frustrating because you usually never actually have whatever stupid knickknack your boot ass Platoon Commander thinks you need to spend 3 days in the rain. You’ll be overburdened with everything from rape whistles, compasses, comically large safety-pins, five pairs of cammies and countless skivvy items.

As you get used to going out into the field all the time, you start to realize you need less and less stuff. How much of anything are you actually going to use on a 3-5 day field op? Certainly not at least half of the ridiculous shit they throw on these gear lists. Not only that, but good luck running to the PX to buy this shit the night before your inspection, because I know you lost most of it on the last field op.

It’s always fun seeing Marines scramble to collect the treasure hunt of items at the PX at 2000 the night before a company field-op.

On an unrelated note, I’m sure some of you noticed I was gone last week. I was going to put up a comic strip on Friday but became swamped at the last minute dealing with this whole graphic novel thing. Books are almost here! For real! Pay attention to your Kickstarter registered email address, I sent out a mass email earlier asking for updated addresses. I ONLY NEED YOUR UPDATED ADDRESS IF YOU’RE GETTING A HARD COPY OF THE BOOK.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Michael Bay’s newest explosive extravaganza 13 HOURS. It was an absolute honor to be invited in the same group as 3 Medal of Honor recipients–Ty Carter, Florent Groberg, and Salvatore Giunta–and it was a great time all around. I want to personally thank We Are the Mighty and Paramount for all the hospitality in Dallas. I met a ton of awesome veterans and had a blast.

I would call it a nice respite, if I got more than a few hours of sleep the whole time I was gone, but it was definitely a good time. In any case, it’s back to the grind here, as I scramble to prepare for all of these books. The next few weeks might be a bit bumpy but I’ll do my best to stay on schedule here.


Myself, Dan Caddy from Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said, and Medal of Honor Recipient Ty Carter.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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