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Terminal Lance #410 “Peacetime Purgatory”


There has been an awakening. Do you feel it?

Across the Corps, Marines are awakening to find that they are bored as fuck. Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to see young Marines sent into harm’s way; but Marines and the Marine Corps itself is really at its best when there’s a war to worry about. People are focused, there’s a sense of purpose and something grand to work toward.

A Marine without a war is like a dog without a boy.

As I sit on my perch on the Terminal Lance tree, I’m able to glance and gaze across the Corps like a dark wizard into a Palantir. People send me a variety of videos and photos from across the Corps through my various outlets, and it’s fairly obvious that Marines have been especially bored lately. It’s been an interesting dynamic watching the Marine Corps for as long as I have, seeing it go from a steady war in Iraq and Afghanistan into a sort of odd limbo of peacetime POGatory purgatory.

My enlistment was always about the next combat deployment. When I got to the fleet in 3/3 India Co., we were hitting the ground running for another deployment to Iraq in just 6 months. Sure I hated being out in the field every week, but it always felt like there was a reason for it. Training, so we don’t die in the middle east. I can’t imagine what a Marine Corps without a war is like, but I imagine it’s rather monotonous (then again, so is any enlistment, war or not).

Oh, random note, you have to be 21 to smoke or dip in Hawaii now. Sucks bruh.

Quick book update: still waiting. No word from the printer on when the books will arrive, just got to stand by to stand by. Everyone will know when the books are available for sale. Kickstarter backers will get it first.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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