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Terminal Lance “A Merry Marine Corps Christmas Part I”


Where could the Marines be?! Surely they’re expecting presents underneath their sad little Christmas tree?


Okay for a second I considered rhyming this entire blog post, but I’m way too lazy for that. Sorry.

Anyway, you’ll just have to wait until Friday to find out what happened to the Marines of the barracks! This isn’t actually the first time I’ve done a multi-part Christmas comic, it’s just been a while. Don’t worry, I’m still considering ways to incorporate the other Terminal Lance tradition of hazing boots for Christmas.

Christmas while active duty (like most things) can either be really great or really terrible depending on your situation. I’ve spent a Christmas in Iraq, which wasn’t as bad as it sounds, though one Marine ruined our “Dirty Santa” event by running off with an iPod before it was over.

In any case, if you know a Marine or otherwise that you know is going to be deployed for Christmas, try reaching out to them and wishing them a happy holiday. It’s not much, but you’d be surprised how much a simple gesture can change someone’s day. To the same extent, I would ask that you veteran types reach out to some of the Marines that you served with this week and check in on them.

The holidays can be hard for some, and you never know what difference you can make just by sending a text or making a phone call.

Just a quick book update: still waiting on the bulk shipment of books to come in. I know, it sucks. I was hoping to get them out to backers before Christmas but it looks like that’s not happening. I expect the book to go on sale in January to the public, and as soon as I have a solid release date I will not keep it a secret.

Enjoy your leave or otherwise, and safe travels this week!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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