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Terminal Lance #403 “Life After EAS: Nostalgia”


That little bastard… It’s easy to look back at your time in the Corps with your new civilian-issued rose-tinted glasses, rather than the shit-smeared ones you left with. It doesn’t help that the Marine Corps is currently looking for prior-enlisted guys to join back up.

The further you get away from your time as an active duty Marine, the more you tend to forget the arduous, annoying parts of it. You look back and think to yourself: man, my early 20’s were awesome. I got to travel all over the world, shoot guns, hang out with my bros all day, it was pretty great.

What people usually don’t remember is that they were bitching about it the entire time. I’ll be honest, I was the type of Marine that was counting the days to my EAS date. From day one. In retrospect, it’s really not that bad. The benefits are great and all you really have to do is what you’re told. For some reason standing by in the barracks and playing video games all day with my friends in Hawaii seemed like the worst thing in the world back then, but with how little free time I have these days it seems amazing.

Speaking of me not having any free time, here’s a sneak peak at a full page from my 250-page graphic novel “Terminal Lance: The White Donkey,” due out December 5th. There’s no preorders available at this time, that was kind of what the Kickstarter was for. I’ll let you all know if that changes! (Click to view full size)


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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