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Terminal Lance “Unexpected Guest III: For Sale”


This isn’t the first time the Ghost of Chesty Puller has been up to his shenanigans, he likes to pop up here and there and remind Marines the true meaning of the Marine Corps. He’s like a Christmas spirit, but with more swearing and womanizing.

I’m sure most of you saw from either my post yesterday or from We Are The Mighty’s story directly about how you can purchase the home of the legendary Marine General. I can only imagine the strange sounds and creaks in the night you would hear with a home potentially haunted by the Ghost of Chesty Puller. You might find that strange things start to happen. Hats flying off your head, ectoplasm on the shower curtains, gear going missing (he’s just trying to get his shit back, really); there’s no end to the oddities that occur in this residence.

On an admin note, I’ve already received numerous GoFundMe’s for people trying to raise money to buy the house for various purposes. I have a blanket policy against sharing GoFundMe’s and the like on Terminal Lance simply because I get so many of them. However, I applaud your efforts and I look forward to seeing what happens with it.

On another admin note, keep letting me know and sending me details about mobile redirects. It helps us track down the problem so that we can put a stop to it! It doesn’t seem to be affecting the majority of readers, so it’s hard to pinpoint the issue.

On yet ANOTHER admin note, I will be making an appearance at VetCon in Concord, CA this Monday! If you’re in the bay area stop by and listen to me talk for an hour! Click here for info.

Lastly, I want to just wish the family of Cpl. Alexis Aaron Alcaraz my condolences.



Rest in peace, Marine.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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