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Terminal Lance #392 “Field Day Finger”


The field day finger isn’t usually the middle finger, but it sure feels like a fuck you.

Anyone who’s ever had to field day knows what this is (e.g.: literally every Marine, ever). This finger is the difference between packing it up and changing into civvies for the night’s shenanigans, or busting out the Windex again to wipe down every surface in existence. Staff NCO’s have a rather sorcerous ability to find dirt and grime in places you didn’t even know existed in your tiny room. You’d think cleaning a 10×10 room with three people would be a fairly quick event, but Field Day is a momentous weekly occasion that brings dread and sorrow to all those involved.

Of course, Field Day in the Marine Corps doesn’t mean the same thing it does in the civilian world. Like many otherwise normal and already-named things, it has its own silly Marine Corps idiomatic assignment. It simply means to clean the shit out of your room. Generally, Field Day is every Thursday, so that everyone can leave on Friday with minimal fuck-fucking. Of course, that rarely happens, you’ll probably still be on standby for no apparent reason until 1900 on Friday.

For your weekend liberty brief, I’m going to turn it over to your First Sergeant. First Sergeants reading this, please text everyone in your company a simple “I love you.” Screenshot it and send it my way for the lulz. You might even win a prize.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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