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Terminal Lance #384 “Welcome to the Armory”


It wouldn’t be amiss to say that I despise the armory almost as much as the 1171 Waterdog. Well, okay, maybe not that much, but the armory itself is by far the worst place on base.

It’s just miserable, on both the inside and out. Upon first approach, you can immediately feel the presence of its everlasting misery emanating from the drab, gray, concrete walls. The small little windows being the only source of natural light, the custodians within are often deformed and malnourished. Their lives a shadow of what they once were, they are often filled with anger and malice toward those on the outside (or smoothskins, as they call them).

The armory is horrible because the people on the inside hate it just as much as the ones on the outside. Spending 14 hours in the concrete box reading serial numbers off of every piece of equipment is enough to drive anyone into madness. Meanwhile, the Marines outside are forced to clean their already clean weapons for hours at a time, while custodians manage to find even the slightest trace of carbon in places you didn’t even know existed just to fuck with you.

They do it because they hate you. They hate you for having a life that exists outside of the concrete box.

Marines that enter the armory are never the same again, if they’re ever seen again.

In other news, I recently did a radio interview with the folks over at the Tennessee based show called Veteran’s Impact. In it, I talk about the creation of Terminal Lance as well as some inside details about The White Donkey. You can listen to the whole thing here! “Reveille Joe” and Zach are great guys and the show is definitely worth listening to.

As for the book itself, please stand by to stand by. I’ll be posting a big update relatively soon!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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