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I can’t imagine the heartache that Marines are feeling at the moment, as General Dunford has been nominated to become the next Joint Chiefs Chairman and relinquish his position as Commandant of the Marine Corps after only 6 months.

As I’ve been doing Terminal Lance over the years, I notice a lot of things happening over the landscape of the Corps and the veteran communities. One thing is for sure, Marines actually really love Gen. Dunford. He’s a grunt, a Marine’s Marine and I can’t think of anyone that wasn’t happy to see him take Gen. Amos’ place.

Lore was spoken of him across the land, legend said that he would restore balance to the Marine Corps from Gen. Amos. Tattoo policies would be changed, women would never be in the infantry, and the chow hall would serve beer on tap. To the lament of many Marines, with such a short time in office, none of these expectations really came to fruition.

At the very least, I’m sure he’ll do a fine job in his new position; but beer in the chow hall might still be a ways off.

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