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Terminal Lance #377 “Marine Corps High”


In my mind, I’ve always typically divided the Marine Corps up into thirds. You have the infantry, the ground side POGs (which is what you typically think of as a POG, such as an office guy or girl), and the wing. Obviously, there’s some exceptions and some leeway in some areas, but that’s generally how the Marine Corps is divided up. The wing (air wing) are POGs as well, but they’re really an entirely different culture than the regular POG life.

It’s not unlike a set of high school cliques; exclusive and loyal to each other. The grunts are the jocks, the rockstars, and the guys that everyone loves (even if they won’t admit it). They party hard and fuck shit up when the time comes. The POGs might say they hate them, or that they aren’t impressed with them, but if Jock McBadass offered to let you touch his penis (even just once), you’d probably let him.

The age old argument I see often from the POG side is that being infantry means you won’t have any transferrable skills in the civilian world when you get out of the Corps. True, but who cares when the Post 9/11 GI Bill can set you up with literally any career you want? May as well get the glory while you can, lest you regret it later.

As for the wing, no one really knows what the fuck goes on over there. They usually get a whole section of the base to themselves, with their own PX and barbershops, and when you occasionally see them on your side of town they’re always wearing flight suits.

No one understands them.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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