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Terminal Lance #373 “Spotting Another Devil Dog in the Wild”


Running into another Marine out in the world is always a weird experience. You don’t know if it’s the haircut, the goofy proper civilian attire, or maybe the farmer’s tan… but you know another Marine when you see one. You can sense it; feel the presence; smell the scent of Axe body spray and the PX; see the diagonal tanline across their face from their 8-point cover.

You know another Marine when you see one.

It always reminds me of taking my dog out for a walk. He’ll be totally chill, but as soon as he notices another dog, his ears perk up, his tail wags with anticipation and he lightly squeals in excitement. The two animals, separate in their daily lives, never having even met, share a bond.

Two dogs in a world full of humans.

…Then they sniff each other’s asses. What? They’re dogs, after all.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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