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Terminal Lance “Happy Thanksgiving 2014”


In all fairness, the chow hall Thanksgiving is as good as chow hall Thanksgiving can get.

I’ve spent Thanksgiving both in Iraq and Anderson Hall aboard MCBH Kaneohe Bay, the food really isn’t that bad if you ignore the lingering taste of depression and homesick. But of course, like anything else, Thanksgiving is what you make of it. Sure, maybe you’re stuck on base and can’t enjoy it with your family, but I’m sure there’s plenty of Marines stuck in the same boat as you. Being miserable together is what brings Marines closer to each other. Yeah, shit sucks, but at least it’s shitty together.

That last point might sound kind of corny, but it actually is true. Your platoon is your new family, and even if you can’t spend Thanksgiving with your old family, you’ve still got your new one. Besides, everyone knows going on leave gets old after a few days anyway, when you find yourself strangely wanting to go back instead of fielding off stupid questions and being continually disappointed with life back home.

When I was making this comic, I had a lot of trouble finding a reference image for chow hall Marine uniforms. You guys have like ten different shirts and none of them seem to be consistent. All I know is you chow hall guys get that baller ass gold rank.

It’s a little bit late today for the new comic, but I’ve just been so distracted by the recent news events. You know what I’m talking about… the one that has everyone freaking out. Trust me, I was floored and a little angry when I found out too, but I remain optimistic that good will come of it. That’s right… they released the new Jurassic World trailer.

To this day, Jurassic Park remains in my top 3 films of all time. Watching it again recently, I still find the film amazingly well-made and still able to stand the test of time over 20 years later. I’m not sure if I get the same impression from Jurassic World, but it certainly looks worth watching.


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