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Terminal Lance #349 “Teufel Hunden”


Oorah, devil dog!

I’m sure all of you are aware of the Marine Corps’ favorite nickname “devil dog.” Lore has it that it was given to the Marines during the Battle of Belleau Wood in Germany, translated from “Teufel Hunden,” as the Marines were so fierce in battle that they were described as being “Dogs from Hell.” Of course, there is some factual controversy surrounding the idea that I won’t really get into, but it’s a nice fiction at the very least. Regardless of its factual legitimacy, it’s a moniker that has stuck to Marines for as long as I’ve ever known of them.

Still though, we share some eery similarities to dogs that I would argue are unrelated to their fierceness… Though, once again, I fail to see the meaningful connection to Marines and bull dogs.

If you’re curious as to what a WAG (Waste, Alleviation and Gelling) bag is, it’s basically a disposable poop bag for humans. Inside the bag is a pretty neat concoction of dehydrated fungus that breaks down the excrement in a biodegradable bag that will actually decompose naturally. Typically, as a Marine, you’ll only really encounter these things overseas, but you’ll most likely shit in a bag at least once.

On a side note, as a dog owner, there’s nothing more awkward than standing behind your dog and waiting for him to drop a massive deuce. You just stand there with a bag wrapped around your hand, waiting for him to finish so you can sweep in and pick it up.

He moves to the side and just stares at me, knowing it is he who is the true master.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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