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Terminal Lance #329 “Full of It”


The age old battle between POG’s and grunts continues on Terminal Lance!

Okay, honestly this strip isn’t really about that, it’s more about just owning up to what you are. After being out for a while and meeting a lot more Marines in different fields, the one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that no one really cares what your MOS is or was. More importantly, whatever it is, you should just own it like it’s the coolest shit in the world.

“Oh you’re a cook?”

Fuck yeah I’m a cook, and it’s fucking awesome. I’ll cook you the best, shittiest military food you’ll ever have.”

This came up in a conversation I had with a Marine yesterday, another infantry Marine. Although the rivalry and shit talking is fun, at the end of the day it really makes no difference what stupid job you had in the Corps, as long as you’re honest about it. Didn’t deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan? Okay, it’s a little weird since we’ve been at war for like 11 years now, but own the fuck out of that. Don’t bullshit me about how you were going to go infantry but couldn’t, or whatever stupid thing you try to say to feel less guilty. If you were really going to go infantry, you would have. I didn’t even know what an ASVAB was, scored a 92, and proceeded to go open contract 0300 infantry (where I later became an 0351 at SOI). The idea that grunts were too stupid to become POG’s is lost on me, because it implies that any of them wanted it any other way to begin with. For me personally, I wouldn’t have enlisted at all if I couldn’t do infantry.

Different strokes for different folks is completely true, and that’s perfectly okay, but spare the bullshit story about how you were going to go Special Forces Recon Infantry Scout Sniper MARSOC Badass but were so smart the Marine Corps forced you to go office admin.

On a lighter note, I want to extend a warm congratulations to Kyle Carpenter for being officially awarded the Medal of Honor yesterday. Truly a remarkable story from a remarkable man, and ten times the badass I will ever be.


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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