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Terminal Lance #318 “Deployment Theater”


If you’ve never huddled around a laptop trying to enjoy the latest episode of your favorite TV show with 3-12 of your closest buddies, you’re probably a fucking boot. The acoustics in open environments while sitting on a cot (or whatever) don’t seem to lend themselves very well to watching things on a laptop. No matter how highly advertised the fidelity of your device’s speakers are, you won’t be able to hear shit as soon as you sit down to watch season 2 of Glee with your squad.

Watching multiple seasons of TV shows or movies is a great way to pass the monotony while on deployment. In this day and age, pretty much everyone brings their laptop (and other devices) with them overseas. When I was in Iraq, The Office and Heroes were big hits amongst myself and the platoon, often passing them around like illicit drugs on the corner through USB flash drives. (This was before Michael left the show and before Jim and Pam actually got together and made the show not nearly as interesting with the lack of romantic tension)

To shift gears, I’d like to talk about last week’s comic, which I think was lost on some people because the punchline was about Tumblr. I also happened to mention that SgtMaj Barrett liked my comic strip in that week’s Marine Corps Times newspaper. Some people have accused me of “selling out,” by doing a comic making fun of the spending habits of single Marines.

Because I’ve never done that before, apparently.

All I can really say is I fucking wish I could sell out, I’d have so much more money right now. Apparently someone outside of your control liking your comic strip that you made completely irrelevantly of them is selling out. I should really just do more pandering and jump on as many bandwagons as I can so people don’t think I’m selling out again. That is surely the answer.


Oh, in other news, I’ve got some really awesome stuff coming down the line soon that I’m super excited about but I can’t really say anything about it yet.

But it’s going to be awesome.

Just wait.

Also, I was quoted in this Marine Corps Times story about that dumbass that crucified himself.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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